Why writing?

I must admit I did not have a slight interest what so ever in the effort I partook when it came to the art of writing throughout my time in high school. Interest was only portrayed when it came to the fortnightly hour long reading session within the compact sized library. That was as far as it went. I was not the twinkle to my English teacher’s eye who answered each and every question posed to the class. No. I was the quiet dumbstruck student who failed to open her mouth to any question offered in fear of my reply being incorrect. I soon discovered it was the correct answer each and every single time. This of course put me off class every time I attended, all because of my constant anxiety attacks which came forth once entering the English room filled with obnoxious, fearless students who automatically knew whatever oozed out of their mouths would be praised and acknowledged by our spontaneous yet free-willed educator. In addition you can understand why English may not have been my forte in high school as I saw it as an incredulous and somewhat extremely competitive subject to even consider showing interest in. 

However I have continuously shown a passion for the form of writing which from my thoughts has to show ones interest in order to simply render ones attention into what exactly a person may be constructing onto a piece of paper. You cannot expect a person to write about something they utterly know nothing about or something they clearly despise! A topic you may choose to write about has to be something you feel comes from within your own heart where you know what you are about to set on that blank piece of paper will not leave you feeling fatigued or disinterested in writing… It should reflect satisfaction and pride of what you have written leaving you to exhale what you have been dying to express to the entire world! Writing to me is a sense of creative expression. I am aware that my relationship with writing has merely begun which will most definitely reflect an unstable marriage with constant ups and downs as I curse at the screen before me due to the lack of words coming to mind, nonetheless it is one I look forward to seeing how it may progress. 



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