Maori pou- Mumu


One particular pou which has intrigued my attention within Ngakau Mahaki is the pou named Mumu.

Not much can be found on this particular pou, however through the talks we have been granted by Papa Hohepa each time he has explained the meaning behind this pou I have learnt more through his understanding.

Mumu is a tukutuku panel (decorated with lattice-work). Mumu is associated with the checkerboard effect through the patterning which is adorned throughout the carvings of this pou. Where the head of the carving is located it is said that part of the pou is the male element and below at the bottom is the female element. When the two unite we receive the fetus of the baby which is reflected to be light and a continuation of life which is very important to Maori as it is essential we continue the future generation of our Maori tamariki.

In a way in which Mumu has a link both to the marae and the carver is through the relationship or connection Ngakau Mahaki has with Lyonel Grant.
“Each work I produce is a synthesis of emotion, lineage to the past masters, a statement of personal expression, and a product of ones supposed mastery over the base material employed.”


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