Personal overview for Understanding Te Ao Maori

Being a Samoan Maori I have learnt a lot about my Maori ethnicity. Selecting Understanding Te Ao Maori has increased my knowledge on what I already know about our Maori culture. It has been overwhelming being able to learn about the Maori history and myths and legends which lies within the Maori world. Not only have I created a greater understanding for the culture, but in addition I have also been inspired and motivated to learn more about the Maori culture in places where stories have not yet been acknowledged.

One aspect which I have enjoyed most about researching has been Maori women and their involvement within Maori society. It has been intriguing to discover that women do play an important role within the Maori history which leads us to today as they are acknowledged as being tapu. Understanding more about Maori women within society has been inspiring and to learn more about women such as, Rose Pere within this course has encouraged me to find more inspiring Maori women who deserve to be looked up to.

Understanding Te Ao Maori has helped me to recognize who I am as a Maori and what I really interests me within the Maori society. Being given the opportunity to learn about your own culture and where you are from goes beyond words as to how motivating it is to go back through our own whakapapa and recite what we have learnt and will continue to develop. Through what I have learnt within this course I have also gained a greater knowledge into realizing that we are the future generation and it is up to us to create a prosperous future not only for ourselves but in order to create a future where our tamariki are proud and aware of who and where they are from. This course has also granted me exactly what I hoped to learn by the end of this course which was to have stronger sense of cultural identity which I really value. Although we are a diverse class it has been stunning to see others who are not of Maori decent wanting to learn more about the Maori culture and although this course has come to an end, it has inspired me to continue learning about the Maori culture.


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