My goals to achieve in Understanding Te Ao Maori


As a Maori I would like to gain a deeper knowledge on my cultural background as a sense of both cultural and self-identity. Through understanding a greater knowledge of the Maori culture it will strengthen me as a person to know more not only about who I am, but also where I stand as a Maori living in New Zealand and to show people that I do know what my culture reflects, who my ancestors are, and that people can long longer consider me as a ‘plastic Maori.’ I have a passion to prove to people that although it is considered the Maori culture is fading that everyone still has an opportunity to embrace their culture and that we can still pass on our cultures through the next generation.


I would like to learn more about Maori Tikangaand how I can incorporate these values into my future career. Through learning more about our Tikanga Maori it will give me a sense of cultural identity and pride and a deeper understanding.


I would like to learn more about the traditional Maori values. Two particular Maori values which interests me to learn more about in depth is,

Whanaugtanga- A sense of belonging

Manakitanga- A measurement of people’s ability to extend aroha

Through these two values I would like to learn more about how these values are incorporated into everyday life.


Through Understanding Te Ao Maori, it will help me to learn how to incorporate my cultural background into my course. One of my greatest passions is to be able to incorporate my cultural background into my future career.


There are so many places we can learn more about Te Ao Maori once completing this course. I have been given a Maori scholarship through Unitec called Whai Ake who can help to learn more about my Maori culture. There is also aspect of going back through to my ancestral roots and visiting my iwis both Ngati Tuwharetoa and Ngai Tahu where I will be given the opportunity to experience my Maori culture. There are also the whaeas here at Maia within Unitec who I would feel comfortable in talking to in regards to Te Ao  as well as research online, online books and going through the libraries to learn more about an understanding of Te Ao Maori. 


The theme I have selected is ‘Female Maori goddesses.’ I would like to learn about the Maori goddesses and create a greater understanding about what their roles were within Maori society and how they were respected by the male gods. One of the reasons why I have chosen the theme of female Maori goddesses is because they are rarely mentioned within Maori mythology stories and I would like to know more about Maori women.


There will be a large range of sources that I would like to use in order to research my theme. I would like to use different sources instead of remaining with one type. I would like to find books within the both the public library and the Unitec library, I would like to research about my theme through the internet and through talking to the Maori teachers here at Unitec.


Each day that I’m at Maia I learn more about my culture through talking to the students who too attend Maia. Through listening to them about their Maori stories and upbringings and how they use their culture and language, they have already enhanced my understanding of my Maori culture which fascinates me to learn more about it.

Through taking notes in class and looking over them each day it will help me to memorise what I am learning and to create a greater understanding on Maori culture.



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