The Right To Be Me (Dr. Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere Elder, healer and leader in the Maori community)

Rose Pere is a Maori elder, healer and leader who is significantly recognized throughout the Maori community and is also the writer of Te Wheke which talks about the Maori health models linking between our minds, spirit and our whanau. Pere treats the concept of Te Wheke as an octopus, as the head of the octopus represents whānau, whilst the eyes of the octopus reflects the total wellbeing for the individual and family and each of the eight tentacles reflects:

Wairuatanga – spirituality
Hinengaro – the mind
Taha tinana – physical wellbeing
Whanaungatanga – extended family
Mauri – life force in people and objects
Mana ake – unique identity of individuals and family
Hā a koro ma, a kui ma – breath of life from forbearers
Whatumanawa – the open and healthy expression of emotion

Rose Pere is an inspiration who needs to be acknowledged within a wider context as she is constantly stressing how important it is to be ourselves as it does not matter what others think what matters is what we, ourselves want to become.


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